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FREE counseling sessions for understanding ENGINEERING ADMISSION PROCESS are in progress. download the detailed schedule and the topics to be covered from our DOWNLOAD SECTION. for free registrations call 9321033048/022-28957534

Semester III , JAVA vacation batches by JUNAID SIR to begin from 15th June 2018. Admissions now open

Admissions now Open for Hirani SIrs OCPJP batches from june 2018.

Founded by Junaid Khateeb in 2009, Khateeb group of classes is an established name in Engineering coaching and training. Having trained over 10,000 students, Khateeb group has build a strong relationship and trust with its student community by delivering high quality teaching and training programmes.

'STUDENT FIRST' has always been the motto of the institute and the faculties associated with the institute. We are proud to have a strong line up of highly qualified and experienced faculties, who have delivered consistent results over the years.

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